Monday, March 2, 2015

Wonderful Beans and Big Plans

Big news!! I haven't been promoting this blog due to feeling a little self-conscious about my writing. A couple nights ago I shared the link to the pot roast blog on a Facebook group asking for honest opinions. The feedback was good, and I got some great suggestions. I am going to start working on a Facebook page Peggy's Adventures in Cooking to promote things and sending it out to close personal friends.

This recipe comes from a wonderful friend of mine, Melissa. I had these beans over at her house on a night of a get-together of a group of her friends. I came home and immediately text her for the recipe because they were some of the best beans that I had ever had. These do not compare to the ones in the can. Frankly, these beans are super low maintenance, inexpensive, and can be used in a bunch of dishes. They would also freeze well.  Looking back on the week, I realized that I hadn't cooked anything worthwhile all week. Between school and homework, quick and easy was the best option, is always scrambled eggs.

These beans will be used in a lot of different ways. I plan on adding them to eggs for more protein and fiber, making burritos, and eating them with salads.  I also did a little evaluation of the budget, realizing that I have been eating out a lot, which is costing more money than I would like. One way to curb this is by making a bunch of things that can be eaten on the go or quickly. This recipe is very straightforward and very easy.

You will need a heavy duty Dutch oven pan. My favorite one is a Red Lodge cast iron pan, that I purchased at the local superstore.  The beans will cook about two hours at 400 degrees until done. This recipe could be easily adapted to a crock pot allowing you to leave the house and go about your errands. But, because it is a lazy day  that I do not plan on leaving until later on in the day to go to a movie.

1 bag of beans (White, navy, pinto, or black) about 2 cups
Enough water to fill above beans (About 1 inch)
3 bay leaves
3 cloves of garlic
2 Tbsp of chicken broth concentrate (I bought my at Costco)

1) Pour your beans in the pot
2)Add your bay leaves and garlic
3) Add water to about 1 inch above the beans
4) Add the chicken broth concentrate, stir
5)Place in oven on 400 for about two hours checking halfway to make sure there is enough liquid.